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Tony Gambacurta

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Updated 2023.12.15

Career so far...


2006..2017 - Sr. Engineer - 2019 Consulting Engineer

A.R.T. - Applied Research and Technology

1984..2006 Principal, founder – VP Engineering

NEW! My SmartCurve Patent -Self Compensationg EQ (added 2023.09.24)


1973..1984 – Sr. Engineer

MXR Digital Delay model 113

My Perspecitve as the creator of the MXR Digital Delay

NEW! MXR 113 Digital Delay Operations Manual (added 2023.09.24)

NEW! MXR 113 Digital Delay Operations Manual Supplement (added 2023.09.24)

NEW! MXR 113 Digital Delay Original Brouchure (added 2023.09.24)

A circuit description and trouble shooting guide from R. Grieb 5/30/2016

Schematics Photos and component placement (found on the web)

MXR Pitch Transposer and Display

Models 129 and 131

NEW! Alex Ball did this excellent YouTube video review of the MXR Pitch Transposer

My Perspective as the Creator of the Pitch Transposer

MXR 129 Pitch Transposer Circuit Description R Grieb 5/26/2016

PT lower board schematic (found on web)

PT upper boad schematic (found on web)

PT Display (131) schematic (found on web)

PT Block Diagram (French) (found on web)

R. Grieb at Tauntek created a web page devoted to the 129. Designed and built his own display!

MXR Digital Time Delay model 175

This is the Third MXR digital time delay product (the Delay system II was the 2nd)
The goal with this product was making it affordable. Joel Silverman was a key driver for this.
My Friend Kevin Scally, an awesome musician and engineeer at Whirlwind needed the manual so I
scanned it in and posted it to once again fill a void in the internet.

NEW! Digital Time Delay moidel 175 Operation Manual (added 2023.12.15)