Founded by

Tony Gambacurta

Contact by email: tony at the url above.

Career so far...


2006..2017 - Sr. Engineer - 2019 Consulting Engineer

A.R.T. - Applied Research and Technology

1984..2006 Principal, founder – VP Engineering


1973..1984 – Sr. Engineer

MXR Digital Delay model 113

My Perspecitve as the creator of the MXR Digital Delay

A circuit description and trouble shooting guide from R. Grieb 5/30/2016

Schematics Photos and component placement (found on the web)

MXR Pitch Transposer and Display

Models 129 and 131

My Perspective as the Creator of the Pitch Transposer

MXR 129 Pitch Transposer Circuit Description R Grieb 5/26/2016

PT lower board schematic (found on web)

PT upper boad schematic (found on web)

PT Display (131) schematic (found on web)

PT Block Diagram (French) (found on web)

R. Grieb at Tauntek created a web page devoted to the 129. Designed and built his own display!